What is Uneven Odds?

Welcome to Uneven Odds

Uneven Odds is here to help with your professional and personal development.

Oh no… another run-of-the-mill “personal development” website? Does the Internet really need another?

Well, that’s not exactly what we’re doing here. Hi, my name is Kyle Gundrum. I have worked for an educational non-profit for the last eight years, helping thousands of students achieve their goals.

I have led hundreds of workshops, coaching sessions, and speeches on all sorts of topics: perfecting your resume, interview skills, public speaking, networking, finding your passion, productivity, and many more.

For several years, I have been itching for a way to share my thoughts with a larger audience. I still speak to over 1,000 students per year, but I’ve realized I have a pretty unique perspective on this stuff. So I am making my content available to anyone who could benefit from it.

Why Uneven Odds? I’m very sorry if you’re disappointed this is not a gambling site. I actually spent several years thinking of the perfect name to describe my philosophy; it just hit me a few weeks ago.

In short, I believe you should simultaneously use as many strategies as possible to maximize your odds of achieving a goal.

Don’t have a good or great resume, make it amazing, so amazing that the company would be stupid not to call you immediately. Be so confident going into your interviews that you don’t even break a sweat. Change your mentality from “I really hope I find a job” to “How am I ever going to pick between all these opportunities?”

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? I assure you it’s something you can achieve. If you take your professional development seriously, use the right strategies, and practice, you’ll feel in complete control of your career in no time. You’ll be in complete control.

At the risk of sounding like a corny motivational speaker, I really believe all of this. If you just Google “resume tips” or “how to build a network,” just pick a link and they’ll pretty much all tell you the same thing. It’s not bad advice, it’s just teaching you how to be good. But you have the potential to be amazing, so why settle for less?

Uneven Odds is different because I don’t want to reiterate the same basic tips already at the top of the Google results. I want to help you bring clarity to your goals, make a game plan for how to achieve them, and then equip yourself with all the tools you need to make it happen.

Most importantly, I will make tangible suggestions. Sometimes I read a book or blog post and think “wow, that was great advice.” But then I don’t really know what to do with it and I end up quoting it in conversations down the road – or forgetting altogether.

As much as possible, I will make actionable recommendations that are relevant to your life. I’ll do this by using a lot of examples, telling stories, and trying to make as much content as possible apply to you. After you read my posts, I don’t just want you to feel inspired and informed: I want you to be able to go do something immediately with what you learned.

Here are some topics I plan to write about. This is not an exhaustive list, and if you have any other ideas or specific requests, please get in touch.

  • Resume and interview skills
  • Networking
  • Online presence / social media
  • Productivity – maximizing your time
  • Using IT tools to optimize your life
  • Public speaking
  • Finding your passion – AND monetizing it
  • Travel (sort of unrelated, but I get a lot of questions about how to travel cheap, light, and efficiently)

Let’s get started. In the beginning I’m going to write as many posts as possible. I’ll get into a regular rhythm soon of publishing posts once or twice per week, if not even more.

Please subscribe to my mailing list. I promise not to spam you – that’s a waste of your time!

I’ll be experimenting for a while as I find the best way to convey my content, so I may change this later: I am going to end every post with a “to do list” for you, because I want everything I write to be actionable and applicable.

Your to do list:

  • Join the mailing list (just type your email address above) to find out about new posts
  • Send me an email (kyle@ or message on social media with any requests for topics you’d really like me to cover
  • Think about your goals. Are they aligned with your passions? Are you confident you can achieve them? What’s holding you back? What do you need that you don’t currently have? Reflect on this and please share with me if you’re willing.
  • Check back for another post soon!

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